Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory


teaching 1One of EcoCore's core activities is to provide high-quality analytical training to students, postdocs, and visiting/collaborating scientists. Training is primarily provided through operation and utilization of the instruments in the laboratory, under supervision of EcoCore's lab management. We encourage students to run instruments themselves, and provide lower per sample-fees for these analyses.



teaching 2

EcoCore also offers hands-on training on a variety of biogeochemical and microbiological techniques, e.g. soil microbial biomass, soil respiration, enzyme assays, soil organic matter and aggregate fractionation, fiber/lignin analysis, phospholipid fatty acid extractions, etc. Training is provided by experienced laboratory managers and technicians.

We also regularly host short visits from international scientists and students, who are interested in learning new skills and techniques for which we have in-house expertise. Depending on demand, this may be formalized in short training courses in the future.