Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory


EcoCore's Analytical Facility is a common-use facility for a broad suite of elemental, molecular, microbial, and isotopic analyses of soil, plant, water and other environmental samples. Work areas are separated for specialized applications such as sample processing, a wet chemistry lab, an elemental analysis lab, an isotope facility (CSU-IsoLab) and a clean room for molecular techniques.

We provide quality analyses for the research community at CSU and other universities and laboratories, and are actively engaged in the development of new analytical methods and applications in new areas of ecosystem research. Some of our newer areas of expertise include:

  • Compound-specific stable isotope analysis of phospholipid fatty acids (PLFAs), lignin monomers and amino sugars by GC-c-IRMS
  • Purification and identification of small molecules from a variety of environmental samples by HPLC-DAD/ELSD
  • 13C analyses of CO2 at atmospheric concentrations by PreCon-IRMS
  • Extractions and quantification of nucleic acids and proteins, and enzyme assays

Our lab management maintains the analytical instruments, trains users, ensures quality assurance and compliance with regulations, aids with method development and provides technical assistance and advice.


Elemental Analysis

Nutrient Analysis

Stable Isotope Analysis

Molecular Analysis

Routine Analyses

Quality Assurance