Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

EcoCore Analytical Facility

Iso-labEcoCore provides analytical, training and educational services related to ecology and ecosystem research to clients across several colleges at Colorado State University, as well as local federal agencies and other universities and institutes.

Our analytical facility is a campus-wide, common-use facility for a broad suite of elemental, molecular, microbial, and isotopic analysis of soil, plant, water and other environmental samples. We provide training and hands-on experience to students, post-docs and scientists on all our instruments while also operating as a service laboratory, offering a variety of analyses on a fee basis. The facility has also a dedicated area designed for teaching, research seminars and small workshops.

EcoCore is housed and managed by the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL), based in the Warner College of Natural Resources.

Our mission is to provide and expand high-quality and cutting-edge capabilities, facilities, and expertise to our scientific community and to facilitate new and emerging research.