Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Sample Submission

Samples loaded into the appropriate sample cups/vials may be sent to the address below. Please include a completed sample submission form with each shipment. If you are sending large numbers of samples (>100) or planning on multiple shipments, please contact lab management ( so we can schedule machine time accordingly. This will help minimize turnaround time for all users.

For stable isotope analysis on solid samples, please consult our sample size calculator to determine the proper sample weights for our instrument.

For non-CSU clients, please contact us for an official quote. Upon acceptance of the quote, please have your department accountant send us a confirmation email which clearly states availability of funds to pay for the analyses. Click here for an example. EcoCore will only proceed with analyses upon receipt of this email.

Ship to:
c/o Rodney Simpson
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
1499 Campus Delivery
200 W. Lake St.
Fort Collins CO, 80523-1499, USA

Please note: all soils from outside the U.S. and soils from the southeastern U.S. and Hawaii are controlled under USDA APHIS quarantine regulations. Consult the USDA APHIS to determine if your soils are regulated. A permit is also required before shipping foreign plants into the U.S. The State of Colorado also has a quarantine for all plants and soils from all states east of Colorado plus New Mexico and Alaska. Please contact lab management ( for instructions before sending samples.