Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Sample Submission Forms

When sending samples to EcoCore for analysis, please make sure to include a signed and filled out sample submission form with your samples. Please use one of the following forms:

General analysis sample submission form

Isotope analysis sample submission form


Notes on the Sample Submission Form

For stable isotope analyses: please be sure to indicate which method the samples were prepared for so we know which method to analyze them with. Same thing goes for whether or not you want concentration data so we know to run a concentration calibration curve with the samples (this service is only offered for solid samples analyzed on the EA-IRMS).

Knowing what the samples are (plant, soil, salts, etc.) helps us determine the maintenance interval for the instrument.

If you are sending isotopically enriched samples, please organize them in order of increasing enrichment. There is a small amount of carry-over from sample to sample in the combustion tube. This is insignificant for natural abundance and from enriched to enriched samples. However, if a natural abundance or low enrichment sample is run immediately after a highly enriched sample, there will be noticeable carryover.