All rates listed are per sample or sample run except for lab use fees, which are per person hour. Lab use fees do not apply to time spent on instruments where a per-sample charge applies. They only apply to general use of the lab for sample preparation and include the use of general lab equipment (ovens, shakers, centrifuges, incubators, grinders, etc.), glassware and plastic ware, chemicals, as well as basic support from our lab managers.

Rates differ for CSU, non-CSU (non-profit) and non-CSU (commercial) customers.

We apply a discount for customers who run their own samples, after following in-depth training on instruments and analyses. Discounts for large numbers of samples apply to samples run during a CSU fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Additional charges apply for ‘difficult’ samples. Examples are highly isotopically enriched samples for 13C or 15N analyses; salts for TOC analyses or isotope analyses, colored samples for nutrient analyses, etc. Other charges apply when samples need to be dried, ground, weighed and encapsulated by EcoCore prior to isotope analyses.